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Video demo of Booh

In order to provide an exciting preview of Booh for beginners, a short video (6 minutes) showing how to use Booh to create a simple web-album is available below. Notice: the booh-classifier companion application, a tool for batch deleting/copying/moving around images/videos, is not yet present in this video.

You may also want to download the original video, with higher resolution (fonts are actually readable there) (XviD, 3.9 Mbytes - subtitles).

Use the provided subtitles for the english version since you will hear I'm not a native english speaker.

Note: it seems that this rather large video (800 pixels of width) triggers an X error in Xv with some version of the X libraries. In such a case, disable Xv (use -vo x11 with mplayer).

Technical details

I used xvidcap to capture the frames, mencoder to convert the frames to XviD, audacity to record my voice in the micro, lame to convert the audio to mp3, avimerge to add the audio to the video.

Theoretically xvidcap can create a video directly, even with voice in it, but it will segfault on my cooker and I could not fix it.

Fri May 30 16:58:15 2008