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Booh Tutorials

Note: you might also want to check out the video demo.

The fastest album (for CLI people)

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create the fastest album ever.

Starting up - part #1: classify photos and videos

This tutorial will show how to create a simple web-album with the graphical interface of Booh, from scratch.

Speed things up!

This tutorial will shed some light on how to get the job done as fast as possible with Booh.

A big pain when creating web-albums is the step of typing in captions. To not make it worse, the GUI of Booh is dedicated to help you creating captions as FAST as possible, with effective key shortcuts and other niceties.



The full list of key shortcuts and mouse gestures is available in the Help menu of Booh.

Password protect parts of your albums

This tutorial will show how to password-protect selected sub-albums in your albums (only works if publishing your web-album on an Apache web-server).

In private web-albums, it's common to have a public part anyone can view, and a private part you'd like to restrict to your family or some of your friends. Booh can use the Apache .htaccess/.htpasswd feature to restrict access of selected sub-albums (some other web-servers offer a compatible feature).

But first, a couple of words about how Apache handles password protection. Password-protecting a directory involves creating a .htaccess file in this directory, containing the path of a password file (typically named .htpasswd); if Apache is suitably configured, it will ask the user to authenticate with a username and a password before sending the page data. Booh will generate the .htaccess file for you, but there is a problem with the path of the .htpasswd file: it must be either absolute (e.g. /home/gc/.htpasswd), or relative to Apache's Document Root; it cannot be specified relatively to the directory to protect; hence, Booh cannot handle it automatically for you. You will have to put the .htpasswd somewhere on the web-server, and give the full path to it in the appropriate dialog of Booh when you active password protection of a sub-album.

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