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Booh is a free software static Web-Album generator for Linux. It takes series of photos and videos, and automatically build static web pages to browse them - watch the results.

#1: sort your photos

scenario #1
#2: classify them

scenario #2
#3: input captions

scenario #3
#4: album completed!

scenario #4

There are already a lot of web-album generators available for Linux; Booh differentiates with its unique features set:

A subprogram, booh-classifier, is available to provide powerful and fast classifying of your tons on photos and videos in order to keep only the best of breed in your web-albums. Notice that it is not a database application (an application to assign permanent tags), it's a tool for batch deleting/copying/moving around images/videos. Main features:


Booh is mature. There should be only maintainance releases.

Check the tutorial section for a short how-to using Booh.

By the way, Booh stands for Best web-album Of the world, Or your money back, Humerus. The acronym sucks, however this is a tribute to Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama, where the last defeated enemy (beaten in chapter #42: nothing's random) is named "Boo". But there was already a free software project called Boo, so this one will be "Booh".

If you like booh, you can flattr it in the top-left part of the page.

Why static?

Dynamic web-albums have a great momentum, for example Gallery (on PHP) or Flickr. They are very nice especially because once set, you just drop an image in a directory and the next run of the PHP (or ASP or whatever server-side component used) will add the thumbnail. However, Booh is a static web-album generator, which means you need to re-run Booh when you add images, then upload your web-album on the web-server again; however, there are interesting advantages over dynamic web-albums:

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Guillaume Cottenceau

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